The Home Office is investigating claims that Border Force staff at Manchester Airport detained two Israeli brothers because of their passports.

Neria and Daniel Sharabi, who survived the Hamas terror attack on October 7 and helped rescue survivors at the Nova music festival, were invited to speak by the Jewish Representative Council for Greater Manchester at a community event.

Home Secretary James Cleverly confirmed on X the investigation against Border Force staff. “We do not tolerate antisemitism or any form of discrimination,” he said. “This incident will be handled in line with our disciplinary procedures.”

A Home Office spokesperson reportedly told Sky News: “While the facts and circumstances are being established, it must be reiterated that we do not tolerate antisemitism, in any forms, anywhere.”

The brothers were on a flight from Brussels that arrived last Sunday for the talk. Neria reportedly told Sky News that he felt unsafe and probably would not return. “This is not how you’re supposed to treat human beings,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or Christian or Muslim, this thing is supposed to stop, we need to fight this antisemitism.” Daniel reportedly added: “After you’ve been through so many things, terrible things, and you arrive to a new country, England, you don’t expect things like this from the police officer at the border.”

The JRC published a letter on social media on the incident and released a video. A Border Force officer reportedly tells the brothers: ‘Keep quiet, look at me, are you clear with that?’, adding, ‘We are the bosses, not you’.

In the letter, the JRC reportedly noted that the brothers suffer from PTSD and were due to speak about their experiences as terrorism survivors and to raise awareness for the organization.

‘Upon arrival, when Border Patrol noticed they were traveling with Israeli passports, they were asked why they had come to Manchester. They responded that as survivors of the Nova Music Festival they had been invited to share their experiences with the Jewish community in Manchester. They were informed that they would need to be questioned.’

The JRC wrote that the brothers were allegedly told by the officer that ‘they had to make sure that you are not going to do what you are doing in Gaza over here’.

A Manchester Airport spokesperson said staffing is UK Border Force not airport employees.