One in 20 Britons support expelling Jews from the Middle East in a disturbing YouGov poll.

Jewish organisations are alarmed by the latest polling of 4,061 respondents from the British public.

Of those who sympathise with the Palestinians in the Gaza conflict, 11% have a favourable view of Hamas, 77% an unfavourable view, 54% a very unfavourable view.

Other results showed that 14% justified the Hamas October 7 attack, 70% against, 11% supported expelling Jews from the region with 79% opposed.

A two-state solution received 83% support while Hamas and the Israeli government were unpopular among respondents.

Isaac Zarfati, StandWithUs Executive Director, stated: “The report reveals a severe lack of education, or more alarmingly an imbalance in the education currently received by the public. There is a real need for the general British public to be properly informed of the religious and historic ties of Jews to the land of Israel- a right for any native group to affirm and actualise.”

He added: “StandWithUs has provided a 250% increase in our programs across the community over the past year. Over 13,000 people took part in our educational sessions and over 13.5 million engaged on social media in the UK.”

Globally StandwithUs has reached one billion people.

“These staggering numbers show us how substantial the need is for our vital services and educational content,” said Zarfati.

CAA noted there are over 2.5 million Hamas sympathisers in Britain (4% of the British population), 70% are unsympathetic.

The figures are worst among the young. One in ten aged 18-24 hold a favourable view of Hamas.

Polling shows over three million Britons (5%) want Jewish presence in the Middle East eliminated through mass expulsion, the same number say the October 7 atrocity was “justified”.

The Israeli government is unpopular, 15% have a positive opinion, 58% negative, 34% very negative.

Just 24% back the Israeli attack on Gaza.

The large majority who sympathise with Israel back Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Among pro-Israel Britons, 71% are behind the government, 87% back the IDF operation in Gaza. A quarter support expelling Palestinians to resolve the conflict, 66% back a two-state solution.

A spokesman said: ‘Terrorists pose a threat not only to British Jews, but to the entirety of British society. The approaches tried so far by our Government and police forces have not worked. The radicalisation of our country, and particularly our youth, poses a grave danger to the whole United Kingdom.”