Hertsmere Borough Council leader Cllr Morris Bright has lambasted two teens arrested after swastikas were spray painted on garages and a park bench in Borehamwood.

Hertfordshire Police responded to reports of two men acting suspiciously in Stapleton Road on Monday evening.

The teens face a racially aggravated criminal damage charge, among various offences.

Officers discovered graffiti on a garages and vehicles in the area. Both suspects have been bailed.

The incident came 24 hours after Rosh Hashanah.

Cllr Bright commented, “It is shameful and abhorrent that there are still people who think it is acceptable to behave in this nasty way. But our Jewish communities in Hertsmere are strong and proud and will not be damaged by this latest racist attack. They have the respect and friendship of most good members of our Borough.”

He added, “We will have a happy New Year regardless of this behaviour because not to would be giving in to these mindless louts. And we will not lower ourselves to their level”.

Hertsmere Borough Labour Councillor Jeremy Newmark posted photos online.

Community Security Trust are aware of the graffiti incident and are liaising with police.

Looking towards upcoming festivals, Mark Gardener, CST chief executive, noted, “We ask members of community to remain vigilant but stress everyone lead Jewish lives as they see it,”

Police confirmed an 18-year-old man and 16-year-old boy from Borehamwood have been arrested. Charges include suspicion of arson, aggravated criminal damage, interference with a motor vehicle and burglary (non-dwelling).