Welcome to the Jewish Weekly, Britain’s newest national Jewish newspaper and the most exciting development in Anglo-Jewish media for a generation.
The Jewish Weekly will be reporting on and writing about all aspects of the country’s growing community, as well as covering Israel and Jewish issues and events in communities around the world.
Alongside reporting the triumphs, tragedies and challenges facing Anglo-Jewry in the 21st century, communal and family life will be at the heart of the paper’s weekly coverage, including dedicated sections for women, youth and children, as well as a focus on parenting and other important life skills.
Every week, there will be extensive coverage in stories and pictures of communities and communal events, highlighting the richness of Jewish communal life in Britain today.
The paper will have strong links to Orthodox institutions including the United Synagogue and synagogue bodies in all the main regional centres of Jewish life.
To further that end, the paper will carry a dedicated Torah section supported by a wide range of rabbinic contributions, led by the Chief Rabbi’s weekly d’var Torah together with the United Synagogue’s weekly “Daf Hashavuah”. There will also be contributions from educational organisations such as seed and the Jewish Learning Exchange.
Regular features will include pull-out sections covering business and sport, pages on food and wine, health and medical issues and schools and synagogues.
For those on the move, there will be a Jewish Weekly website with links to Facebook, Twitter and a blog that will all keep you up to date with the latest breaking news and events.
The Jewish Weekly will be sold in London, the south east and southern England; Manchester, Liverpool and the north west; Leeds, Newcastle and north east; Birmingham and the midlands; Glasgow and Edinburgh.
If you want to subscribe to The Jewish Weekly, take advantage of a special introductory offer of £65 for 12 months. Please e-mail subscriptions@thejewishweekly.com.