Aish Manchester, together with Whitefield Shul, ran a hugely successful graffiti art evening for 30 teenagers as the culmination celebration of their Leadership and Youth Engagement course, jointly organised by both organisations in November 2021.

The Leadership and Youth Engagement course covered a range of topics including CST training, first aid, handling peer pressure, social skills, health & safety, safeguarding & teamwork. At the event, the 15&16-year-old participants were given goggles, masks, spray cans & overalls and tasked with creating a personalised graffiti board they could take home.

Mychiel Balshine, Community Director at the shul said, “Our partnership with Aish UK has allowed us to develop and enhance the relationship the shul has these young people: aside from being a functional building to simply have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, they now see it as a place where they feel comfortable, a place where they belong.

Keeping teenagers involved in this way is key to their Jewish future, as it allows them a safe place to explore their Jewish identity and encourages their involvement in the community in future life stages. It is in no small part thanks to Aish UK’s unique and innovative approach to youth engagement and education that this event was such a success.”