Image source: Moti Milrod

At least five people have been shot in Tel Aviv. This is the latest terror attack in Israel – the fourth in the last two weeks.

Magen David Adom says they have transported at least six people in critical condition to the hospital – initial reports suggest that up to ten people have been shot across several locations in Tel Aviv, and that several victims have been murdered.

Police have asked residents to remain indoors and away from windows – there were two shooters involved, with one shot by security forces, and still looking for the second.

One of the first responders at the scene, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Akiva Kauffman, reported, “There were a number of very serious scenes in which attacks took place. I treated and transported one person who was in serious condition in one of United Hatzalah’s ambulances to the hospital. Additional injured people were transported in other ambulances both from United Hatzalah and other ambulance companies. Additionally, the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit responded to the incident and treated numerous people who suffered emotional shock and trauma due to having witnessed the shootings.”

Forces have stormed the building at 176 Dizengoff St. where the remaining terrorist has barricaded himself.