CST’s National Head of Training ran a specially designed day for 10 Hatzola members from Stamford Hill, at CST’s Hendon office on Sunday 12 November.
The Hatzola team was taught personal safety for when they respond to emergencies. This included practical self-defence techniques. They also received the Project Griffin programme, which is a counter-terror awareness project organised by the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office and for which CST’s Head of Training is a licensed instructor.
The feedback from the Hatzola members was excellent and they have now asked for more training, which CST will be very happy to deliver as part of its continuing commitment to helping keep the Stamford Hill Kehilla safe and secure in every way. CST is also looking forward to learn what it can from the unique service and professionalism that Hatzola provides.
CST’s National Head of Training who led the day said “this is what CST does, it works with all members of the Jewish community and advises and trains them against the threats they face. Like CST, Hatzola volunteers may be required to run towards the danger, so it is vital they receive training for their personal safety. Theses members of Hatzola are a credit to the Stamford Hill Kehilla, their commitment and willingness to learn was amazing.”