A Girl writing is diary in bed

Don’t you just hate waiting for things when they’re really far away? You know how the days sort of crawl by? It’s cute when my baby brother does it, but not when time does its! Seriously, time is so ancient, grow up already – or at least use a mobility scooter, my grandmother goes faster than you! Ok, Ok, I know time isn’t a person but still…it’s really annoying to wait for things.

What am I waiting for? Oh, didn’t I tell you? Well basically –

No! Don’t get her started. Please don’t get her started; she’ll go on and on for hours and hours!

Rubbish, I won’t!

Yes, you will. You’ve done so for the last 6 weeks.

No I have not! Anyway, stop writing in my diary! It’s my diary – get your own.

No way. Diaries are for girls and babies.

So you must be a girl or a baby if you’re writing this.

Ha. That got him to leave. Now where was I? Oh yeah, I was going to tell you all about our class trip. Finally something interesting is happening!

By interesting she means totally boring. What’s so interesting about a trip to a coin museum??

Sorry about that, just had to get rid of my annoying brother. He thinks he’s really cool but he’s just –

Sorry about that, I just had to rescue this audience of bored schoolchildren of the future from having to suffer through learning this diary in whatever form of school you have now. Do you have space school? Are you learning this on Mars? Or the moon? Or one of Saturn’s moons? That would be really cool, or maybe very hot depending which planet you’re on. Either way, you can thank me from saving you from having to learn my sister’s yawn-making machine. Otherwise known as her diary, it’s now under new management.


Whoops! Said boring little sister is trying to bore you to death and get this book out of my hand, which makes it rather hard to write. Don’t worry though, I have locked her in her room so she won’t be bothering us now.

Drat! She’s calling my mother – yikes, I’d better write fast. My sister, for some reason, is really excited about some stupid trip to a coin museum. I kid you not. A coin museum! Whoever heard of such a thing? She’s been driving us all crazy for weeks now and I don’t even know why. If she was going to Alton Towers I could understand, but coins!? Yuch – sisters.

I would just like to apologise for the interruption. The offender has been caught and is currently being questioned by the police. Fine – my parents.

Despite what some people, who shall remain nameless cough *my bother* cough, claim, coin museums are really interesting places. My own coin collection is so far composed of an old five-pound note and an old pound coin. I’m sure it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait!


I can’t believe it.  My trip was cancelled.

You know how rain slowly falls down the windows? I wonder how it must feel to fall from Heaven all the way to Earth and smash into pieces on the ground. That’s how I feel.

You are ridiculous. And waay too dramatic. It’s just a stupid trip to the coin museum. Get over it!

I’m so upset, I’m not even going to yell at him or chase him away. By him, I refer, of course, to the world’s most annoying brother ever. I don’t know how we’re related. We are absolutely nothing alike. And if he can’t see why I’m upset, or why coin collections are the coolest thing ever, then I can’t believe we even share common ancestors. You know what? That might even be a greater tragedy than my trip being cancelled. Having to live with


As my little sis is currently staring open-mouthed and gasping somewhat like a fish (opening and closing her mouth like our goldfish Bob), I shall finish the tale. For some reason I just bought my baby sis a coin collectors guide. I don’t know why. Hey – get off me! Uch, she’s squishing me to pieces. I really don’t know why I bought her that book, she’ll just sprout stupid facts at me all day long….I’m not crying, there’s something in my eye, that’s all.