Rabbi Reuven Bauman

An outpouring of grief took place at the funeral of Rabbi Reuven Bauman at B’nai Israel Congregation, in Norfolk, Virginia on Monday.

Rabbi Bauman, a teacher at Yeshiva Toras Chaim, heroically saved the life of a 13-year-old student at False Cape State Park last Tuesday.

Tragically the 35-year old teacher at Yeshiva Toras Chaim was swept out to sea.

A huge search ensued coordinated by Virginia Beach Police and Fire Department assisted by the US Coast Guard.

The family was eventually granted permission to begin shiva after coast guards called off the search.

Chaveirim of Rockland and Achiezer continued a desperate search by boats, jet ski and helicopter.

Organisations assisting included Misaskim of Maryland and Greater Washington, Baltimore Shomrim, Hatzolah Air, Lakewood Chaveirim and NY Hatzolah.

Sadly a body, later identified by authorities, was located by a boat off the coast of North Carolina.

The Bauman family was duly informed.

Hatzolah Air arranged transportation of Rabbi Bauman’s body to Teeterboro Airport.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, NJ State Police Chaplain and Achiezer then NJ State Police and Passaic County Sheriff Police ensured transportation for burial.

Shivah concluded in Norfolk and New York.

Jews around the world prayed for a miracle as the tragic story made global headlines.

Over $340,000 has been raised in a charity appeal for the family.

Rabbi Bauman is survived by his wife and five children.