Defence Minister Benny Gantz has described Greece as a strong regional partner of Israel.

Gantz met with Minister of Defence Nikos Panagiotopoulos and welcomed cooperation in security and stability in the region. He also valued bilateral defence relations and trilateral relations with Cyprus. “This relationship is an asset, I am committed to expanding our cooperation in any scenario and regional developments,” he said.

Noting the nuclear threat of Iran, he added, “While Iranian officials deliver educated remarks in Vienna their proxies continue aggressive attacks. Iran’s double-dealing must be brought to the negotiation table. Any international effort must address both the nuclear issue and Iranian aggression.”

Gantz said there was a bond between the countries after summer fires in Greece and when a tragedy struck the Israeli Air Force. 

He added, “This is a time of great opportunities but also of great challenges. I see great potential to expand cooperation with old and new friends in the region over shared interests in energy, innovation and security.”