One of my passions, where I enjoy doing the research and testing my findings, is anti-ageing. I’ve aged pretty well, I like to think. Most of that is down to good genes. My mother looks nowhere near her 69 years and my father, olev hashalom, also looked extremely young. Note, this doesn’t always mean healthy, as we unfortunately found; my father had been ‘healthy’ up until his cancer diagnosis.

As a nation we are living longer. Health and anti-ageing can go hand in hand. What you put in to your body reflects how you look on the outside. One very simple piece of advice is hydration and cutting down on sugar. Sugar causes all sorts of issues from inflammation and diabetes and hydration can plump the skin measurably from within.

A specialist amongst specialists, my research took to me Una Jefford. With her fair share of celebrity clientele and even some TV work under her belt, it’s only now that she’s really trying to work on her own business, rather than letting other clinics take the glory.

When your clients move to Switzerland but still return for treatments having tried elsewhere first, then you know you are doing something very right. Una Jefford started out in complementary medicine, graduated with a 1st class honours degree in nursing and holds a distinction in her MSc in Clinical Dermatology. She began specialising in surgical procedures and clinical dermatology in hospital and is a clinical prescriber too. This lady has a true passion for what she does, with a thesis entitled ‘Does Cosmetic Surgery improve Psychological Conditions?’ under her belt, you can be safe in the knowledge that she is an expert in her field, she does her research, she can tell you what products she uses over others and most importantly she stays abreast of developments in her field, never relying on outdated information or practices. Her motto is ‘learning never stops’.

Central heating and harsh weather wreak havoc on the skin. Looking towards spring (even with snow on the ground), it’s worth looking after yourself and preparing now. Her latest project is, running a FREE national campaign, launching soon it aims to be fun, informative and positive. Offering free anti-ageing tips for each day of the month of April. it’s worth signing up.

I went to Una for a quick fix. Over forty and with two young children, I feel old! Her consultation revealed vascular weakness on my cheeks and around my nose presenting in the form of redness. She recommended IPL and light peeling, I wanted a quick fix. I needed to feel good as soon as possible. So, putting the longer term issues on the back burner, I cajoled Una into some botox and filler. A few less wrinkles and a little more volume. Ageing is a cruel process. With botox and fillers becoming as common as wearing make-up, a startling phenomenon has reared it’s ugly head; unexperienced people taking 1 or 2 day courses now flood the market with their ‘clinics’.Una continues her clinical surgical work in hospitals alongside her aesthetic work, so you couldn’t be in safer hands. She also has a brilliant bedside manner. She’s patient and kind and loves what she does and she doesn’t charge a fortune either.

For those not ready for this type of anti-ageing there are a fair few products that also offer great results. Peels are fantastic for pigmentation and redness, just be prepared for a little downtime – peels mean peeling, anti-ageing facials are also fantastic for special occasions and for that little ‘pick-me-up’.

A handful of products that I’ve tested recently have also impressed me. I have quite dry, dull skin and some redness. I’m looking for a dewy plumped look. Healthy skin glows. Vitamin C is a lifesaver for winter skin. Daytox Vitamin C Serum (£29) is a light, refreshing serum to wear under moisturiser for an instant and long-term, radiant glow. With 10% vitamin C, all natural ingredients, it really packs an anti-ageing punch. Moisturise with Epionce Renewal Facial Cream (£85), a little goes a long way. It targets inflammation, stimulates collagen and contains the holy grail in hydration – hyaluronic acid; an instant plumper. An award winning, clinically proven formula from the US, Epionce also offer their own version of an exfoliant.

Keeping the skin turnover healthy makes for a clearer, fresher complexion. “Harsh cleansing and toning routines can lead to a stripping of the natural lipids that lie in the surface of the skin’ explains Dr Mervyn Patterson, who recommends Epionce to his patients. Cover up any imperfections with Kalme Chameleon concealer (£19.95). Also packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, this concealer goes on green but adapts to mimic your exact skin tone and it really works. What I really love is the combination of conceal and treat. You don’t often get the two together and you don’t want to clog already irritated skin by layering on too many products.

Skin supplements are also great if you can afford them. There is good research to suggest results from taking collagen and hyaluronic acid as well as biotin amongst others, as long as you buy top quality and you persevere. Results can be seen normally after a month. Check out Biocell Platinum (£30) and Stirling Health Collagen Ultra (£19.95).

Lastly, fake it until you make it! I’m not a huge fan of make-up but formulations have improved so much over the years that you would never know you are wearing it. My absolute top pick here is Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer. (£38.50). It’s a product that gets me compliments about my glowing skin and how well-rested I look, every time I wear it. Use a small amount after moisturiser and it instantly anti-ages, provides soft focus and hides imperfections. It’s a true game-changer.

Pair with Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara (£23) and her Matt Revolution lipstick in the gorgeous nude shade Pillowtalk (£24) and you will look and feel like a film star!

Find Una at .  or on 07841 902 837.For free tips, sign up to and in the meantime cut down on sugar and stay well hydrated. Springtime isn’t nearly as far away as you think!

By Caron Bluestone
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