With Kosher food prices on the rise, GIFT Manchester’s food bank continues to support 140 individuals facilitated by the generosity of GIFT donors and volunteers, together with their London branch which supplies over 300 meals to families each week in addition to support parcels to over 400 families.

In a BBC NW news report, GIFT’s Manchester branch had the opportunity to show the regional channel their fully supplied food bank.

GIFT’s Manchester Coordinator Sophie Woolfstein pointed out to the BBC NW reporter “If they want to keep Kosher and keep within the guidelines, it is really hard for them.” Whilst prices tend to be lower in your ordinary supermarket, these shops’ certified Kosher options remain slim.

Morrisons’, nationwide supermarket, Community Champion Rochelle Gardner has begun the initiative of putting out packs for local shoppers to purchase which go to various charities and food banks. She equally fills them with authorised products such as tuna and pasta for GIFT which is gathered every month and a half to go straight to the Manchester food bank.

To further respond to the cost-of-living crisis in our community, Feast by Ed Shaerf, an exclusive Kosher caterer based in Manchester has also helped to expand their giving mission. Ed has provided complete Shabbat meals for over 20 families. GIFT would also like to thank volunteer Jane Braslavsky who made this initiative happen.

Another family, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has devoted an entire room outside their house, with shelving, a refrigerator, and a freezer to store Shabbat food for families who are currently not coping with inflation. In addition to this dedicated act of selflessness, the family commits to delivering these meals anonymously as well.

GIFT Manchester assists community through cost-of-living crisisEd and these families are using their kindness and compassion, facilitated by GIFT, to cater to the increasing cost of living.

To add to the diverse initiatives, which have been taken on these past years, GIFT will be running a 36-hour fundraising campaign between 2nd & 3rd October. Every donation will be doubled thanks to their generous matchers. If you would like to be an ambassador and assist them in fundraising to ease families from the increasing cost of living, please contact miri@jgift.org for more information.