The charity GIFT this week ran a 24 hour fundraising campaign from 6pm Monday to 6pm Tuesday during which an incredible £550,613 was raised!
Michelle Barnett, Founding Director of GIFT said ‘I would like to personally thank the community for their tremendous support in raising these funds to support GIFT in their vital work, both generous donors and the volunteers giving their time to make phone calls.
GIFT inspires generations of givers through hundreds of educational sessions across London, Manchester and Israel; creating volunteering opportunities through multiple projects aimed at aiding those most in need in the community.
Whilst GIFT is known for being the UK’s largest Jewish food bank, providing food weekly packages for over 2000 people; its focus on educating young people in the community to live a life of giving is fundamental to its ethos.
Donations came flooding in from 1158 donors across the world, including well-wishers, volunteers and those benefitting from GIFT’s service in the community. 13 year old Daniel Denton from Edgware, chose to donate £200 from his Barmitzvah money having been inspired at a recent food GIFT packing session.
GIFT Chairman Rabbi Naftali Schiff said “ the spontaneous outpouring of generosity today has been truly overwhelming. I think people recognise that GIFT is really working for the benefit of all of our communal organisations – not just for itself. “
GIFT partners with over 200 communal organisations, such as schools, hospitals, care homes, youth groups and welfare organisations in providing food and practical assistance such as visiting the elderly and hospital patients and supporting families in crisis through our Helping Hand project.
GIFT’s School Kids’ Initiative creates opportunities such as the GIFT Shabbat Walk, which was recognised by the Prime Minister’s recent Point of Light Award to one of its founders Avi Dubiner for inspiring hundreds of young volunteers on Shabbat to help in the community.
Michelle commented ‘The money raised will allow GIFT to continue our revolution from ME to WE, building the next generation of givers, through educational initiatives and supporting families in need through volunteering opportunities and food distribution.
Thank you again to everyone involved in helping in this successful campaign.’
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