Last Sunday GIFT hosted over 100 teenagers from a number of schools for an evening of great food and inspiration. The volunteers were treated to a lavish meaty BBQ and garden games as a celebration and thanks for their involvement and dedication in the GIFT Shabbat Walk programme during the course of this past year. Speeches were made by GIFT Shabbat Walk founder Eliezer Gilbert and guest speaker Rabbi Yitzi David. There was a special presentation made to the boys who are leaving for their gap year, including a special mention of coordinator Avi Dubiner who has been instrumental in the growth of GIFT Shabbat Walk.
This past year over 500 volunteers have been involved in the GIFT Shabbat Walk through over 13,000 different opportunities. The volunteers visit families, care homes and hospitals every Shabbat and this has now expanded to mid-week volunteering, helping families with new-born babies, children with special needs and families struggling financially. GIFT’s mission is to inspire people to become givers whilst helping those in need. Please contact if you would be interested in getting involved or making a donation.v