In preparation for the festival of Purim, GIFT hosted and facilitated some incredible activities in London and Manchester. They were thrilled to involve hundreds of volunteers in making a positive difference to others in the community and to the community in Ukraine:

The community were invited to donate Matanot Le’evyonim via a text code, thousands of people did so, allowing GIFT to give over £23,000 directly to families in greatest need on Purim day.

Dozens of Mishloach Manot were beautifully made up for GIFT beneficiaries.

Supporters donated to GIFT and were able to send virtual Purim cards to friends and family.

GIFT volunteers in Manchester were amazingly busy…
… Students at King David Primary School made beautiful Purim decorations for Heathlands Village, a nearby care-home.
… Students at Yavneh Girls’ School made a Purim breakfast for their peers, successfully getting it sponsored.
… Other Yavneh students took part in spieling for GIFT.
… The family of Bat Mitzvah girl Katie Ibgui made gorgeous Mishloach Manot for GIFT families.
…The Friendship Circle, in partnership with GIFT, made up Mishloach Manot for families in Ukraine.

230 students at Yavneh College and Hasmonean Boys’ School took part in an interactive class, where they looked at the four Mitzvot of Purim and how they connect to giving.

85 Students at Hasmonean Girls’ School, JFS and King Solomon School made Mishloach Manot for elderly Jewish Care residents.

30 members of the Womens’ Programme at Mill Hill Synagogue came to the GIFT Warehouse to hear an inspirational talk about giving, by Founding Director Michelle Barnett, to pack Mishloach Manot and prepare food parcels for GIFT beneficiaries. Rebbetzin Talya Rose told us “Thanks to GIFT for a brilliant experience for our mums and daughters. Learning that being a giver can take on many forms and a lot of good can be done in a very short amount of time.”

The Maierovits family generously sponsored and packed 400 Mishloach Manot, together with Ezra year 9 girls, for GIFT beneficiaries. This is the fifth consecutive year that the family has volunteered to do this Purim activity: they are an inspiration. Odelia Maierovits told us “The pleasure was ours, We really enjoyed it! Giving gives you a great feeling!”

Libby Kafton & Ariella Berchole
celebrating their birthdays invited friends and family to the GIFT Warehouse for their party, to pack 80 amazing Mishloach Manot for GIFT beneficiaries.

On Sunday 20th March, GIFT invited the community across North West London and Manchester to donate their surplus Mishloach Manot. As well as the healthy food parcels that GIFT sends out each week, once a month their recipient families receive a bag of treats, and the GIFT Warehouse had recently run out of supplies of treats and goodies. There was a wonderful response with thousands of pounds of food donated and streams of volunteers coming to the different venues to sort.

Michelle Barnett MBE, GIFT’s Founding Director, said: ‘Purim is such a wonderful time of year, an opportunity for us all join together as a community to celebrate, making a difference to others. We are so grateful to the hundreds of people of all ages, up and down the country, who gave of their time, enthusiasm and energy to bring joy to GIFT beneficiaries & tthose who spieled & collected for GIFT on Purim day, raising much needed funds. Thank you!’