On 30th and 31st January Jnetics, the UK’s only cross communal charity, dedicated to the prevention and management of Jewish Genetic Disorders will be holding its first ever matched funding campaign.

The ‘Give and Let Live’ Campaign will harness the networks of 150 ambassadors with the goal of raising £500,000. Thanks to several generous donors the money raised over the 36 hours of the campaign will be doubled ensuring every pound will have double the impact.
The funds raised, will ensure that we can continue our screening services in Jewish schools across the country, universities and through the Jnetics Clinic which is specifically aimed at young couples beginning to think about family planning.

In September Jnetics expanded it testing panel meaning that now the organisation screens for 47 conditions prevalent in the Sephardi and Mizrachi communities as well as the Ashkenazi communities.” The expansion, together with a move to a virtual screening offering has increased the relevance of what we do within the community” Nicole Gordon, CEO explained “In turn this has increased the pressure on our services at a time when fundraising has proven exceptionally challenging”.

“Testing a couple before they try for a baby will ensure that those couples will not have to endure the heartbreak of conceiving a baby affected by a Jewish Genetic Disorder. It is our hope that the Give and Let Live campaign not only raises the funds we require to subsidise screenings across the community, but that it also raises our profile of how vital our life saving work is to the community” Nicole concluded

To donate to the Give and Let Live appeal please visit www.charityextra.com/jnetics