For the second time, over 900 children from Gateshead, Manchester, London and around the UK learned together at a virtual Avos Ubanim in the zchus of those who need a Refuah Shleima. It was an awesome experience to hear the sound of so many children learning, each in their own homes but unified through Torah learning. One of the participants, Rabbi Chayim Venitt, who learned together with his son, Shmuel Simcha, said, ‘Being at home for so long without regular contact with his peers…this enhanced his feeling of identity with them and the Achdus in learning.’

The evening began with a welcome by Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach, one of the organizers. This was followed by fathers and sons learning together. The beautiful sounds of hundreds of fathers and sons learning in this difficult time was incredibly moving and certainly invoked Rachamei Shamayim. We then heard Divrei Chizuk by the famed author and storyteller, Rabbi Yechiel Spira, who captivated the boys with his inspiring words and fascinating stories.

Tehilim for the Choilim was led by R’ Dov Seliger, a son of R’ Dani Seliger, one of the Cholim for whom this Avos Ubanim was originally started. He expressed the immense appreciation his family have for the children’s learning and the great value and power of their Tefilos. This was followed by a Mi Sheberach for the Cholim by Avi Yodaiken, one of the organizers.

We were lucky enough to finish the program with some songs by famed singer Shloime Dachs. There were 5 winners of the raffle for a drone! The winners were Cheski Litke, Shimmy Erentrau and Yitzy Bloch of Gateshead, Yaakov Ackerman of London and Moishe Schaechter of Manchester. It was a tremendously powerful evening of unity and Torah Learning. Tributes were paid to the organizers Avi Yodaiken, Moishe Levy, Aryeh Spitzer and Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach, the co-sponsors, and all Shuls, schools and Kehilos that partnered together with us.

The next Grand UK Avos Ubanim will iyH take place on Sunday 27 Tammuz, at 7:15pm. For more details, see This event is independent of the weekly Avos Ubanim programs organised in the local cities.