Imagine eating a sandwich through a straw. For those with severe dental problems who are dependent on welfare in Akko, a mixed city in the north of Israel, this is the reality.

It was therefore with much delight that we were able to resume JNF UK’s Green Sunday Telethon on the 27th February from our offices, following last year’s disruption due to Covid-19 restrictions.  

This year’s appeal focussed on raising funds to support the Akko Community Dental Clinic that provides those on welfare and in dire need with funded dental treatment.  This Clinic offers a vital and crucial service helping patients who cannot afford dental care to receive subsidised treatment that will massively improve their lives.

Our staff and representative Trustees along with volunteers were on hand to assist with making hundreds of phone calls to raise the monies needed for this project. The team also received support from actors participating in JNF UK’s sponsored 2022 Festival of Ivrit.  This Festival is part of our broader programme to support UK schools to enhance their Israel education syllabus and strengthen children’s connection to Israel.

Or Meir, who plays the role of The King in the Emperor’s New Clothes (one of this year’s plays) said, “Ha’Shaah Theatre is delighted to participate in JNF UK’s Green Sunday Appeal to help raise funds for those in need in Israel’s peripheries.”

No teeth. No eating. No health. No confidence. No job.  

Dental issues affect entire societies, and severe dental problems destroy lives. The damage caused by poor dental health is not widely acknowledged. 

Severe dental problems ruin lives. The damage caused due to poor dental health is not sufficiently known but also seems to be related to heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and mental illness.

Dr Shai Bezalely, CEO of JNF UK said, “We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from our donors, and we wish to thank all those whose donations this Green Sunday continue to help those in need the peripheries.  Thanks to the generosity of the UK Jewish community, we can raise the funds to support this vital Akko project that will make a difference and change lives.”

If you would like to donate to this important Green Sunday 2002 Appeal, please visit or call us on 020 8732 6100.