With great sadness and shock we regret to inform you of the petira of the renowned Poisek and teacher of thousands of students throughout close to fifty years, Rabbi Pesach Eliyohu Falk zt”l. He was niftar on Monday morning in Gateshead.

Alongside the Rav’s teaching activities, his published works have been accepted by thousands across the world as authoratative guides for the laws of Shabbat and modest dress.

Born in Manchester 77 years ago to his father, the renowned Reb Avraham Falk zt”l, the young Eliyohu was raised in an environment of deep appreciation for Torah and its scholars. His brothers and brothers in law rank among the leading Rabbonim worldwide, including yibodel lechaim Dayan Aharon Dovid Dunner and Rav Mattisyohu Salomon shlita.

He leaves behind his distinguished wife and children, many of whom are dissemenators of Torah throughout the world. His son Rav Naftoli is the founder of the worldwide Avos Ubanim programme.

May his merit protect us and may the light of his expertise in Halacha and Jewish outlook continue to inspire and educate Jews worldwide.


(PHOTOS: Lawrence Purcell)