Hasmonean Boys Grammar School conducted their 70th year reunion of 1963, organised by Barry Flack, Mark Slater, Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler and Richard Ford.
36 out of the 50 boys in the year joined, with 5 making the journey from Israel to be there. Sadly, 8 have since passed on.
Richard Ford said “It was the most enjoyable evening of the decade. Old boys met each other after at least a 50-year gap. The years rolled away in moments and there we were, back in 1963. Some “boys” were instantly recognisable whilst others could have been anybody.” During the reunion, stories of the old days were recounted over a sumptuous three course meal. Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler, who is also a member of the magic circle, gave a great show which kept everyone spellbound. Afterwards, a 70th Hasmonean birthday cake was presented. This unique occasion will hopefully be repeated in 5 years’ time, if not before.