Year 12 Hasmonean boys spent the morning cooking meals for families supported by GIFT. This is part of a new Hasmonean GIFT sixth form programme which combines education about giving and chessed, with hands-on practical help.
The group have visited Jewish Care homes, St Joseph Pastoral Centre and have volunteered at the GIFT warehouse.
GIFT have also run a number of classes including; self-awareness training and learning the Torah perspective on giving and taking.
Rabbi Birnbaum from the Hasmonean Beis explained – “The sessions with GIFT have really galvanised the learning of our boys.
The in-school talks together with the external trips have been superbly delivered and really help bring Jewish education to life”
GIFT’s twin objectives are teaching young people to give and helping those in need. GIFT supports over 2000 people weekly with food parcels and practical help.
For more information about their services or to donate contact GIFT on 0208 457 4429 or email