The Yellow Candle Project is set to engage a record number of community members for a third successive year.

Some 30,000 candles will be distributed across 150 communal organisations.

Outside the Jewish community, leading figures in politics, sport and other organisations will light candles to remember victims of the Holocaust.
The candle, which comes with the name, age, date and place of death of a victim of the Holocaust, will be lit on May 1.

Victims remembered range from one to 82 years of age.
“Every year I worry that we have undertaken to send out more candles than people will want, and every year they take them with ever greater enthusiasm,” said Nick Gendler, Yellow Candle committee. “It’s truly amazing. The way the community has responded to this holocaust education project is nothing short of overwhelming and something we hope to continue providing in the future.”

Candles were first distributed across the UK in 2017.

Next year subject to funding, the project hopes to distribute over 50,000 candles.

By David Saffer