Sacks Morasha is appealing to the community for support this weekend (10th -11th July) in a fundraising campaign, “Match for Morasha”, designed to ensure that the school can complete its building project and offer vital additional space to its pupils and staff.

The school is aiming to raise in excess of £300,000 in 36 hours with the help of Charity Extra and all donations on the day will be doubled through generous match funding. Funds raised will go towards the £1.2 million building project which will provide the school with extra classrooms, breakout space so interventions & smaller group work can take place, an enhanced playground and a new well-being and SEND facility – to ensure pupils can all flourish.

Founded in 2008, Sacks Morasha is a welcoming modern orthodox Jewish primary school in Finchley, North London. Passionate about educational excellence, the school seeks and achieves high standards in both secular and Jewish studies. Sacks Morasha is committed to pupils reaching their full potential in an atmosphere that encourages engagement with Torah values, Ivrit and a love of Zionism and the State of Israel. The school name honours the former Chief Rabbi, the late Lord Sacks z”l, it was fortunate to benefit from his wisdom and now has the responsibility to continue his ‘Morasha’ which means legacy.

Jeremy Newman, Chair of Trustees says: “It is with an immense amount of pride that I think about Sacks Morasha as we embark on the next chapter. 15 years ago when we set the school up, little did I know what a thriving community it would generate and develop. Little did I imagine how brilliantly our children, our parents, our teachers would do– little did I realise how much the school would mean to so many people. Now as we embark on the next chapter to make sure our school is fit for the 21st century, I call to the community to help us complete our building and Match for Morasha”.

Rachel Barbanel, Sacks Morasha Headteacher says: “It is so important that every single person is given the tools to grow, to become the very best version of themselves, to learn a skillset enabling them to live and work in our community and beyond. Sacks Morasha is committed to valuing every child. Doing something together is so much better than doing something alone and I hope everyone can come together with us this weekend.

Every donation, however large or small, will make a massive difference to the campaign. Without raising this money, the building extension to our school cannot be carried out – every pound this weekend matters and will make a huge difference to our school”.

Donate this weekend at to help raise £300,000 in just 36 hours – every donation will help the pupils at Sacks Morasha to flourish.