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Sunday Tisha B’Av saw a wellattended day long programme offered at Shomrei Hadas Shul Prestwich by Whitefield Community Kollel.
In the day’s programme, led by Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag, Founder and Principal of the Kollel, current avreichim along with guest speakers of note presented Torah teachings and thoughts in the spirit of the day to members of Shomrei and others from the area who came specially to attend the programme
Rabbi Guttentag was joined in providing explanatory kinnos after Shachris by current Whitefield Kollel Avreichim Rabbi Moshe Kaufman and Rabbi Tzvi Cooper “Tov m ’at b’kavonno, meyHarbeh shelo BKavonno”, a small amount with proper intent is preferable to a larger amount with less understanding” said Rabbi Guttentag in his words of introduction. “By taking the time to explain and ‘unpack’ the Kinnos, we can so much more appreciate the depth, the details, the history, the sadness, but ultimately the meaning and the yearnings expressed in the Kinnos”. With a break after chatzos, the Tisha B’Av event continued later in the afternoon with a series of four shiurim:
Rabbi Pinny Cohen, formerly an avreich with Whitefield Kollel and now a leading and popular Mechaneych at the Yavneh Boys High School presented on the Zeycher L’Churban – Remembering the Beys Hamikdash Throughout the Year.
Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein distinguished Principal BSS Seminary Manchester spoke on the topic How to Discover the Purpose and Value of Our Ta’anis.   
Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag in Kaddish over the Bes Hamikdash?  The National and the Personal in the Aveilus of Tisha B’av considered how the Mourning of Tisha B’Av and the period in the Jewish calendar leading up to it is patterned on the Aveilus that accompanies personal grief
And avreich and popular mechaneych, Rabbi Shmuel Schwarz, addressed Tisha B’Av – Friend or Foe?   
The programme concluded with a Tisha B’Av Film Presentation – Iron Faith – Stories of Faith from Behind the Iron Curtain By Project Inspire, which told of the period in the 1970’s and 80’s, when a network of Torah teaching and Jewish studies was developed under the eye of the communist authorities in the soviet Union who had attempted to wipe out Jewish life by outlawing Jewish learning. The film outlined the heroism of those involved – students and teachers from Russia itself and western Torah teachers who journeyed there with mesirus nefesh, out of a sense of wanting to assist their fellow Jew reconnect to their Torah roots
The Tisha B’av event comes as part of the new partnership between Whitefield Community Kollel and the Shomrei Hadass Shul.  Principal and founder of the Whitefield Community Kollel, Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag commented: “ concluding summer zman, it is gratifying to see the Kollel flourishing and active in its new home.
“The location might have changed but the mission of WCK remains the same – the dual focus of lilmod ulelameyd, learning and sharing that heritage of Torah learning with the widest constituency in a warm, attractive and engaging manner.
Rabbi Shimmy Miller, Rov of Shomrei Hadass commented:  “Once again the shul has experienced what a privilege it is to have the Kollel as part of our kehilla. We gained tremendously from the inspiration they provided and the depth of meaning that they gave to our Tisha B’Av.”