The Pacific island of Nauru is the latest country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

me Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz and Nauruan Embassy in Israel ked diplomatic negotiations.

The government is backing plans to relocate a number of embassies and government agencies to its capital city.

Nauru, which has 10,000 citizens 4,500 km from Australia, boasts a seat at the United Nations.

The tiny island has long been an ally of Israel in UN votes despite pressure from Arab nations.

Nauru’s UN ambassador, Marlene Inemwin Moses recently.

Nauru recognition of Jerusalem follows Australia, Czech Republic and Guatemala.

Katz has vowed to continue strengthening Jerusalem’s international status in terms of embassy moves to the holy city.

Honduras opened a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem last Sunday, which will become an embassy.

World Jewish Congress welcomed the opening of the trade office, which will hold diplomatic status. Following the inauguration WJC President Ronald S. Lauder praised Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández for taking a “praiseworthy step” in underscoring his country’s true friendship with the State of Israel and affirming recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital

He added, “It is more important than ever that Israel’s friends and allies embark on concrete gestures such as these in the face of increasing anti-Zionist sentiments around the world, including among some of the most influential agencies and bodies representing the international community.

“The WJC sees great value in Honduras’ intention to strengthen its bilateral trade with Israel and to demonstrate that it will be not be bullied into demonising the Jewish State, despite trends to the contrary.

“We hope to see other countries follow Honduras’ lead to this regard and look forward to building on our relationship with President Hernández and his government.”

By Howard Lawrence