GIFT is excited to announce the appointment this week of a new Bnei Mitzvah Coordinator, Esther Zneimer. Esther has been involved in informal education in South Africa, Manhattan and Israel.

GIFT is hoping to revolutionise the Bar and Bat mitzvah experience, making it predominantly about the giving aspect. Esther will be creating a number of new initiatives that will enable young people to get involved in many charitable causes at this important time in their lives.

Esther explained: “I’m so excited to be joining this incredible team and to have the opportunity to get involved with the community. I’m extremely passionate about Jewish education and giving, this is the perfect way to combine the two”.

Shira Joseph, High School Manager said ‘One of the unexpected outcomes of the pandemic is that simchas have changed drastically. These milestones are so much more than just a party. We are so excited to be focusing on this area and Esther is the perfect person to be taking this forward.”

GIFT will be introducing bespoke volunteering opportunities based on the interests of the young person, individually or in group settings. Bnei Mitzva courses and trips will also be available.

These activities will aim to instill the ‘giving mindset’ in the youngsters and hopefully as they continue their journey into adulthood, giving will be part and parcel of their everyday lifestyle.

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