The architects that designed the United Synagogue’s New Bushey cemetery, Waugh Thistleton, have won the Religion Award for a completed project at the World Architecture Festival.
The Festival which was held last week brings together the world architecture community to learn, exchange ideas and be inspired.
The cemetery, which was completed earlier this year, makes use of natural features and landscaping with an environmentally sensitive approach. Visitors to the new site will notice the creative use of a range of water features, flora and fauna. One interesting feature of the state-of-the-art prayer halls is their use of ‘rammed earth’ which utilises highly compressed natural materials to form walls which will then be clad with timber creating a thermally massive building – meaning that the fabric of the halls will store heat in the cold and stay cool in the summer.
Speaking about the award, United Synagogue President Michael Goldstein said: “We are delighted that Waugh Thistleton have received this recognition for the wonderful work they have done. The new Bushey cemetery has a beauty and a dignity that provides a fitting resting place for our community’s loved ones.”
Andrew Waugh, Director at Waugh Thistleton Architects, said: “We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award – competing on an international platform means that this a special accolade. All good buildings rely on teamwork between client and designers. The support and collaboration from the United Synagogue was essential in the success of the project.”