The sun shone on Brent Street this week at the opening of the new Innate Health Centre. Over 90 people enjoyed a delicious BBQ in the centre’s garden, along with an insightful and entertaining talk from bestselling author, speaker and executive coach, Jamie Smart.

He talked about how to achieve success through recognising the Three Principles, which are the foundation of the Innate Health approach. These principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought support the belief that all humans possess the inborn and innate capacity for mental health and well-being. Through this understanding, Innate Health shows how to essentially live life from the inside-out, in a realistic, visible and reliable way.

The Innate Health Centre is a non-profit organisation that provides a range of programmes, workshops and seminars for adults and young people and also works with schools to help children to understand more about their own innate mental well-being. Co-founder and Director of the Innate Health Centre, Terry Rubenstein, was really happy to see so many people at the event, and she felt that the success of the evening truly reflected how far the organisation had come. “When we started out, we were just one or two people running a few group sessions, and now we are a recognised charity with many practitioners and associates, providing a cutting-edge understanding of the mind and resilience. Having such a diverse range of people at this event tonight just represents what an enormous impact this learning has had on so many.”