The Northern Ireland Assembly has adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.

despite Sinn Fein’s opposition to the Democratic Unionist Party’s proposal to adopt it.

The DUP motion stressed a need to tackle the “scourge of antisemitism in every aspect of our society” and called on the Assembly to adopt the definition in full.

Sinn Fein attempted to pass an amendment to remove the reference to the refinition, but retained similar wording without the examples.

A Campaign Against Antisemitism spokesperson welcomed the decision by the Assembly to adopt the IHRA definition but regretted Sinn Fein opposed the adoption resolution.

“Its passage is a strong demonstration of solidarity with the Jewish community and a powerful expression of opposition to anti-Jewish racism, which has no place in Northern Ireland or any other part of the United Kingdom,” CAA noted. “We continue to call on local authorities, as well as universities and other public bodies, to adopt the definition and apply it in cases of antisemitism.”

In the past, Belfast City Council rejected the adoption of the definition.