Residents at Norwood’s Ravenswood accommodation celebrated Shavuot with their annual cheesecake bake-off on Thursday 25 May.

All 13 Ravenswood homes took part, with the residents competing to see who could produce the best-looking and best-tasting cheesecake.

There was excitement as chief judges, Catering Training Manager Roberto Bagnato and Director of Services Ron Brown, prepared to announce the winners. After tasting all ten mouth-watering cakes, the judges made their decision. Third place went to the delicious fruity cheesecake baked by The Pamela Barnett House. Second place went to The Elms, for their beautiful ‘hearts and butterflies’ cake but the deserved winner was Eretz’s magnificent ‘Star of David’ meringue.

Rabbi Stanley Coten said: ‘Once again, the cakes were up to a very high standard. It’s great to see people coming together for Shavuot’

Roberto Bagnato said: ‘There was real evidence that the people we support took the lead in making the cakes.’