Planning a Simcha often poses challenges, but during coronavirus times, there are extra hurdles to jump and balls to juggle. For some, however, it offers an opportunity to be extra creative and think out of the box.

With Orly’s batmitzva looming, Broughton Park’s Shana & Ben Burton, like so many other Bnei Mitzva parents, had a challenge – how to mark their daughter’s Batmitzvah in a creative, meaningful and fitting way, whilst also providing an opportunity to celebrate; and for Orly to enjoy her special day together with friends & family.
Together with Sophie Woolfstein and Aliza Noe, GIFT’s Manchester coordinators, the family got together to plan the big day.
Shana explains,
“After discussions with the wonderful GIFT team,  we came up with a plan; for Orly and her friends, working in shifts, to pack food support parcels at the GIFT warehouse and also to bake a range of luxury biscuits with a professional cookery teacher Debra Kay to include in the bags.
Although home baked cookies are the “norm” for Orly; the girls have learnt that the things they have and take for granted are not a given for everyone in this world. It was truly heartwarming to watch the girls baking together and pack biscuit boxes to give to others who are less fortunate.”
GIFT’s Sophie Woolfstein noted “The Burtons really wanted to make Orly’s Batmitzva meaningful & special and they really achieved this; making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.
The positive feedback we got from our recipient families was also heartwarming.”