One of the challenges that many people have with Seder night is ‘same old, same old.’ This is the opposite of what a Seder should be. This year Jewish Futures and Tribe, the United Synagogue’s young people’s department, have created the ‘Pesach Pack’ to enable families to interact with the Seder in a refreshing, innovative, creative, and contemporary manner.

Together, Jewish Futures and Tribe have distributed over 17,000 Pesach Packs via schools and communities to students and families, and to university students around the country as well as having them available to purchase in shops and on the website.

Rabbi Naftali Schiff, Chief Executive of Jewish Futures said, “In the same way that our aim is to provide multiple paths of engagement, so too, the essence of this Pesach Pack. The Pesach Pack and the Our Story Interactive Haggadah, were created to provide multiple interactive pathways to engage with the Pesach story. On Pesach we celebrate our story. The power of a story is that it is shared: it is not lectured or preached nor is it the delivery of a history lessons. Stories are about sharing experiences, thoughts and discussing how they relate to us and then carry them through to the next generation.”

Rabbi Eli Levin, Tribe Rabbi said “It’s so important that young people are creatively encouraged to actively participate in the conversation of Jewish life. We want to hear their voices and for each one to know that their opinions are valued as an essential part of the discussion which links our history to the modern day. Tribe has enjoyed a tremendous sense of unity achieved in working together with Jewish Futures. Our partnership has expanded the creativity and impact of these resources which as a result will reach over 17,000 families this Pesach.”

Highlights from the pack include The Our Story Interactive Haggadah, which boasts colourful and playful graphics and a ‘Switch up your Seder’ section that enables people to choose the path they want their Seder discussion to take; a Journey to Freedom Map and discussion cards which highlights the ‘Maggid’ section of the Seder and takes us on our journey from slavery to freedom; ‘How Could You?’ Discussion Cards; Pesach Dingbats for some light entertainment; and a Journey Map showing how the Jewish people left Egypt and made their way to Israel.

For more information about the pack, and to view many, many more Pesach resources go to, or contact