Baroness Jenny Tonge wrote on her facebook page that the rise of anti-Semitism is due to “the actions of the Israeli government led by Netanyahu.” A correspondent for GQ magazine,who happens to be a Jewess, went further by blaming President Donald Trump for the Pittsburgh murders and told him through a tweet to stay away from Squirrel Hill.

The liberal American Jewish magazine The Forward(since 1897) agreed saying Trump is solely responsible for America’s “hate” including the worst Jewish massacre in US history.

When I asked the editor to try looking into the rise of the American Nazi Party, she refused, preferring to troll the President’s twitter account. The female editor also told Israel Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Naftali Bennett, that he was not welcomed in Pittsburgh because he and his government were allies with Trump and the hate rhetoric.

Whatever your feelings are towards Donald Trump, anti-Semitism did not start when he won the Presidency in 2016. There was an attack against the Jewish Federation in Seattle in 2006. There was an attack against the Jewish Community Centre in Kansas in 2014. But as we know, anti-Semitism dates back many, many centuries.

No doubt the launch of social media has allowed haters to connect with other racists and anti-Semites and join together as a global movement which they could not do before. But it has always been there.

According to the FBI, 50% of hate crimes in America between 2014-2015 were anti-Semitic.

Jews have been accused of being leftists or rightists. They have been accused of being doves or hawks. They have been called capitalists, socialists, communists and nationalists. But to blame Donald Trump for the Pittsburgh shootings is like blaming the Jews for the Holocaust, (which I know some do).

America has become a polarised society in recent years and after the Trump victory in 2016, that polarisation has increased with two sides literally loathing one another.

But let’s remember – Democrat senators like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have told their supporters to harass Republican supporters everywhere. They even stormed a Republican rally on Monday and when the candidate asked for a minute’s silence in memory of last weekend’s dead, the demonstrators screamed their lungs out with abuse.

Recently, we have seen the New York Times promote a theatre in the city where the President is stabbed 50 times and assassinated. Kathy Griffin, who at one time worked at CNN, was pictured with a waxed severed head of Donald Trump and said this is what we need to do to the President. Clips on MSNBC news said a bullet needs to go into Trump’s head and his son opened a letter from which white powder came out.

In addition American actor Peter Fonda tweeted that Trump’s children should be put into a cage and acts of sexual violence should be performed against them. To deny the endless campaign against Trump is wrong. Last week the President said, “Let’s calm it down” and CNN ridiculed him for it.

On 18 November 2014, two Arabs walked into a synagogue in Har Nof in Jerusalem and managed to kill five Rabbis in cold blood whilst they were still wearing their teffilin during morning-prayer. Was this also the fault of Donald Trump or, as Baroness Tonge suggested, because of the Israeli government?

Some will say “Eisav Sonei Yaacov”,meaning they hated the offspring of Abraham through Isaac almost 4000 years ago. But the liberal left, especially in America, wonder why comments from proud anti-Semitic black-nationalist and leader of the nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, (who last month called all Jews, “termites”), are ignored.

Equally, they wonder why one would support the previous President, who gave $150 billion to Iran, of which $8 billion was in cash, which simply increased the terrorism throughout the region where thousands more have been killed.

They wonder why one would literally hate this President but love the previous one. It makes no sense.

Robert Bowers was the one who murdered 11 innocent people. This crime was his doing and not that of Donald Trump.  Anti-Semitism’s rise around the world is not because of Israel, Trump or Brexit or any other reason. It has always existed and social media posts have increased its spread and influence. But with its rise we should be proud and thankful we have the State of Israel with a Jewish sovereign government –  (with all its faults)  – ruling our ancestral land today.



James Marlow is an author, journalist and international news contributor. Follow on twitter @James_J_Marlow