Teachers, parents, family and friends gathered together at Hasmonean Girls High School on Tuesday evening to hear 8 school girl’s choirs perform.
The schools included Beis Yaakov Primary School, Beis Chinuch, Bnos Beis Yaakov, Hasmonean Primary School, Nancy Reuben, Noam, Menorah Foundation and Menorah Primary School.
For the final all the school choirs joined together to sing the last song. There was a great element of Achdut (togetherness) in the atmosphere and over £1500 was raised for the charity of Ezra U’marpeh.
Ezra U’Marpeh has been at the forefront of patient care, steadfast in its mission to ease the effects of illness and disability. They provide a range of targeted support services for patients and their families with a particular emphasis on enhancing the hospital experience and reducing in-patient stays. These include the free loan of medical equipment and respite rooms in hospitals across England.