Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s visionary approach to social questions and challenges faced by society has been launched on a new section of Chabad’s website.

The online initiative marks the 25th anniversary of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson’s passing earlier this month and has been made available in one place for the first time.

Hundreds of transcripts, clips of original footage and personal correspondence of the Rebbe, highlight how he applied Chassidic philosophy to real-world issues.

Events around the world took take place with millions of Jews around the world participating. Programs continue through the month.

The biggest gathering was at the resting place of both the Rebbe, and his father-in-law, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, in New York on the anniversary date.

Whilst 50,000 visitors made the pilgrimage to Queens, for the first time a concurrent program ran for women and girls a few miles away in the city.

People from all walks of Jewish life around the globe participated in prayers, lectures, gatherings and tributes at community centers, synagogues, camps and private homes.

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Rebbe’s had “changed the world and influenced him a lot.

“I’ll always remember him,” he added.

Moshe Yaalon, Blue and White party, described the Rebbe as one of the “greatest leaders of the Jewish people in our generation”

He added that his love for fellow Jews was “more important today than ever”.

“There is so much doom and gloom and friction in the world, but the Rebbe taught us to look on the brighter side and see the good in everyone,” said Rabbi Yitzchok Sapochinsky, Westlake Village, California.

“He believed in each individual, and we need to believe in ourselves.”

Rabbi Elie Mischel of Livingston, noted, “The Rebbe was not only the Rebbe of Chabad, but also the Rebbe of the entire Jewish people. The Rebbe was truly the ‘leader of the generation’ and his legacy remains essential to all Jews.”

In the years since his passing, the Rebbe’s influence continues to grow, extending to an ever-increasing number of people across the religious and political spectrum.

Throughout the year, hundreds of thousands of Jews and non-Jews, visit the Rebbe’s resting place seeking blessings, spiritual guidance and inspiration.

In addition to personal visits, there are over 500,000 prayer requests via email and fax.

Known for his work in ensuring Jewish continuity, the Rebbe made a significant mark on the world.

Awarded a Congressional Medal, the U.S. National Education and Sharing Day was established in his honour.

By David Saffer