A memorable event! A joyous occasion! The walls of Pardes Hall reverberated with merry song and dance on Monday chol hamoed Sukkos.over ninety sets of parents and their families relaxed and rejoiced in the knowledge that their sons were having the time of their lives ,spending their evening enjoying an amazingly well-planned ,packed program of excitement and fun.
Shabaton L’menucha ,An organisation geared for families of children and adults with special needs ,held their annual simchas beis hasho’evah ,following a successful shabaton in Eastbourne and Kent ,the simchas beis hasho’evah attracted boys with special needs from Manchester ,Hendon, Golders Green, Edgware, Stamford Hill ,Each child was paired with a loving volunteer who was responsible for him throughout the entire evening ,the event was well attended by over 400 people ,including special guest from israel .
The thoughtfully laid out project was a tremendous success, all credit to the hardworking organisers and committee :Mr Nachman Grunbaum,Mr Elimelech Feldman ,Mr Yisroel Kibel ,Mr Yanky Erlanger, Mr Menachem Liberman and Mr Mordchai Shlome Schmerler and a special Thank you to our dear friend Mr Yanki Rothschild of SYMPHONY PRODUCTIONS who took upon to arrange all we needed for the Music and band, on this opportunity we wish him lots of success in his new Buissnes, and a special Thank you to Reb Yisroel Shimon Wozner who entertains the children with so much fun and laugh.
The evening was packed with activities that catered to both ruchnius and gashmius of the children, filling each child with elation as well as a strong sense of belonging.
Sander uri and his band provided lively music and song. Famous singers from Manchester and London captivated the crowed with their rich melodious voices .guest of honour Dayen A.D Dunner and Reb Padwa danced individually with each child ,and the boys revelled in the private attention .he then sat with the boys for a heart-warming Kumzitz, fired questions on the subject of sukkos and intrigued them with fascinating stories ,Dressed up clowns and jugglers with magic and tricks and balloons arrived and kept the boys entertained ,a delectable buffet was much enjoyed by all .
It was a incredibly awe-inspiring and entertaining evening and shabaton L’menucha received rewarding feedback from many of the parents.
The remarkable success has left the organisation greatly inspired to carry on with many more projects for our special needs children ,b’ezras Hashem.