Shabbat Walk hosted its first ever Trivia Night for all their male volunteers on Motzei Shabbos.  Boys attended in teams and were tested on their knowledge including questions relating to Shabbat Walk.  Questions ranged from ‘who are the Shabbat Walk trustees?’ to ‘how many times did families receive volunteers from Shabbat walk all together last month?’  Well, the correct answer was 629 times.  Dovid Rose and Yaakov Levine scored highest with their answers and won a £25 cash prize each.

We had a full house and the boys were very enthusiastic, which contributed to a great atmosphere. A buffet Melava Malka was served and the evening was a tremendous success.At Shabbat Walk we value the time and effort teens put into volunteering and as part of the mindset of growth, we aim to provide them with healthy outlets and entertainment, both to thank them and to keep them motivated.  We look forward to hosting more events in the coming months.