Dayan Yonason Abraham

Dayan Yonason Abraham has stepped down as Dayan of the London Beth Din.

No official reason has been given for his departure on Tuesday.

Dayan Gelley, Rosh Beth Din, informed rabbis yesterday that Abraham had “stepped down” from his post.

He added, “preparations are already underway to ensure a high-calibre Dayan is found to work alongside our other highly respected Dayanin.

Abraham, in a statement, said, “It is with a sense of responsibility and sadness that I announce today that I will be stepping down from the London Beth Din. The Beth Din is a pillar of our community and it has been an absolute honour and privilege to serve as Dayan over the past 17 years.”

The London-born Dayan has served communities in Gateshead, Jerusalem and Australia.

By David Saffer