It was supposed to be the most amazing plan the world had ever seen. Or at least that’s what Naomi declared, rather eagerly, two days ago.
Now it seemed more like a dismal failure.
Let’s back up.
Naomi’s class were having a competition. They were making a competition on anything they had learnt in class this year, and the best pupil would win. Naomi wanted to win. That’s where the most
brilliant plan the world has ever seen comes in. Along with her best friend and partner in crime,
Dalia, Naomi was going to create the most awesome exhibit ever! They were also going to exaggerate a lot, because Naomi liked exaggerating. The problem was that though Naomi was greatat the BIG ideas, details weren’t really her thing. Details were annoying little problems that should be pushed to the side and dealt with at some never-to-occur-later-time, i.e. never. And preferably not by her. When she was older and a millionaire, she was going to hire someone to take care of all those pesky problems. Whilst she was at it, maybe even someone to brush her teeth for her and eat healthy stuff like all the green food her mum gives her.
The most brilliant plan the world has ever seen was, in fact, to recreate all the 10 plagues. Some water, red colouring, frogs, ants (lice were too yuck to even think about), some animal crackers, some more animal crackers (these would be lying down, the others would be propped up), some face paint (for blisters) and some locusts were all they needed.
Amazingly, they actually managed to get hold of all this. The fact that Dalia’s uncle owned a pet shop may have had something to do with it. The galaxy’s most stupendously brilliant display was ready.
What could possibly go wrong?
Mum and Dad didn’t seem so convinced. Naomi reassured them that everything was under control, but the creases on her mum’s forehead didn’t budge….
“Everything is totally out of control!” shrieked Dalia. Naomi hadn’t thought about what would happen when all the children came to their display and wanted to see the animals. By the time she’d finished announcing their display, the crowd was already surging forward and it was too late. She’d never thought about asking people to make a queue, or even making some sort of barrier so that the kids couldn’t get so close….
The ant cage was the first to topple, crashing down and sending ants flying everywhere. In the rush to get away from the 200 ants busy exploring their new home, someone knocked into the locusts. It had taken millions of locust to destroy Egypt, but only three to send this crowd fleeing.
Naomi stared around in confusion and shock. She’d wanted to make a scene…but not like this. She had no idea what to do. Dalia was just shrieking beside her, and the teachers hadn’t even figured out
what had caused the mass hysteria. It was up to her.
She grabbed the mike and began issuing orders in a loud but mostly calm voice. Eventually people began to listen, and someone even picked up the frog and put it back in its cage.
Dalia’s uncle was an angel, Naomi decided. He not only managed to capture all the escapees (although to this day there are ants in the school hall), but he didn’t say a word to her about it. Her parents on the other hand…well, let’s just say that between them and the school, Naomi became a lot more careful than she used to be!

Chaya Sandler