Discussion about the ten plagues is one of the most important parts of the Seder and the story of the Exodus. And what better way to experience and immerse ourselves in the night of Seder than eating our way through the ten plagues? 

Ta’am the organisation that puts ‘Judaism on a Plate’, has released a FREE ten-page Pesach cookbook that takes you on a journey through the Ten Plagues, reimagined as your main meal. 

Packed with innovative recipes that are easy to prepare, highlights include Ta’am’s take on ‘Blood & Frogs’—tomato soup and herby ‘Frogtza’ balls, and ‘Boils’—pickled radishes with cauliflower tabbouleh. 

Understanding how stressful Pesach cooking can be, many of the recipes can be prepared in advance and frozen for convenience, and most–if not all–of the recipes can be prepared with children.

Each page of the booklet deals with a new plague, taking you through all ten in order, accounting for each aspect of your meal. From starters to mains, desserts, and even some clever reinterpretations of ‘Hail’ for your drinks, each page offers tasty treats and fun facts. 

Engaging for guests of all ages, the meal is packed with abstract visual cues, to get conversation started and offers a fun and fully immersive experience. With vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, all the recipes are kitniyot-free. 

A member of the Jewish Futures family, Ta’am is all about engaging Jews with their culture and heritage through food. For Pesach the organisation has also developed a range of free downloadable meal and menu planners, as well as shopping and equipment lists to make Pesach that little bit easier. 

The 10 Plagues Immersive Seder Menu is available for free in print at Jewish outlets nationwide and downloadable at wearetaam.com