In this week’s psalm, we start with a phrase that is tremendously essential for the Jewish people throughout life, “Hakeshivah rinati ha’azinah tefilati – Be attentive to my entreaty, give ear to my prayer”.
King David beseeches G-d to examine his deeds and any righteous person, to protect him from his enemies and to allow him to enjoy G-d’s glory.
In modern times, one may find it difficult to pray to G-d and fully ask Him for what they truly want from life since there is no physical form of Him, yet there is. Hidden miracles occur every single day without the acknowledgement of many, many people and the open miracles are clear for us to see, but most of the time we take it for granted.
For example, how after all these years of persecution and extermination, do the Jewish people still carry on their longevity and not only that but carry on the same mitzvot and rituals they’ve done for the past thousands of years? This is why Judaism has kept strong for all these years, due to the passing down of the Torah and its commandments.
We see from the story of Jonah that number one, G-d is always listening and if one prays sincerely then one will always be forgiven, and secondly, that we shouldn’t take all these miracles that happen every single day for granted just as G-d told Jonah that when he complained that G-d destroyed the Kikayon. The Kikayon was a gourd which Jonah took shade from, but then a worm came and devoured it up resulting in no shade for Jonah, but in fact G-d put it there in the first place for him. There was no obligation for G-d to do that yet He did it out of His incredible kindness.
So the next time you may pray to G-d, just remember the amazing things G-d has given you in life and how He is the ultimate power yet has astonishing compassion for His chosen people and all His creatures.
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