This tehillim is in memory of Hayeled Yaakov Moshe ben HaRav Avraham

This week’s Psalm is one of the chapters that we say when we are praying for sick people to recover. King David praises those people who contemplate the needy, and assures them that on the day of evil, Hashem will liberate them.
“Hashem will preserve him and restore him to life, and he will be happy on earth, You will not give him over to the desire of his enemies.” By contemplating the fact that there are sadly many poor and needy people in this world, and making time to think about their experiences, a person will naturally become more aware of G-d’s loving closeness to all of mankind, even when a situation seems so hopeless.
“Hashem will fortify him on the bed of misery, even when his illness has reached its peak. People often ask what is the point of praying at all if sometimes unfortunately, people will not get better, rather they simply die? One answer brought down is the fact that G-d still supports sick people, even if they may not appear to be improving, and His support extends beyond what our physical eye is capable of seeing, by supporting the soul in a spiritual way. King David alludes to this understanding in the next verse, where he goes on to say; “Heal my soul, for I have sinned against you.”
In addition, the act of prayer itself is still a mitzvah, so even if a person doesn’t recover, he will still get a merit for our prayers in the next world, because we prayed on the sick person’s behalf. In addition, the person who prayed for the sick person to recover will also get a mitzvah, so they haven’t lost out completely, even if they did not appear to get the answer they wanted.
When his enemies come to visit him, they pretend to be pleasant and say comforting words, but in reality, they have only thoughts of evil in their heart against him. Our great king of old begs G-d not to let his enemies overpower him, and when they see that the Master of the world has supported him, this alone will be all the vengeance he wants.
The Psalm ends with the famous words “Baruch Hashem Elokei yisrael mehaolam ad haolam Amen v’Amen – Blessed is Hashem, the G-d of Israel, from all times in the past to all times in the future amen and amen!” This concludes the first book of Tehillim.

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