There is an interesting Torah thought that if the weekly Sedra, or an approaching festival contains an idea or verse identical or similar to what you are currently learning in your regular shiurim, then this shows that Hashem is truly happy with your Torah.
As we approach the festival of Pesach, our Tehillim talks about the upheavals of the time of Mashiach. As Mashiach and redemption are the major themes of Pesach, it must be a sign that Hashem is happy with the reading of this Tehillim column!
The sons of Korach once again take centre stage, as they add this psalm to their ever growing collection. As people who suffered the agony of falling into the earth, it is unsurprising that they use imagery that speaks of their previous ordeals. ‘We shall not be afraid when the earth is transformed, and at the collapse of the mountains in the heart of the seas.’
They are referring to the tremendous upheavals that will take place before Mashiach arrives, as the powerful nations of the world slowly but surely realise just how futile their pathetic attempts to contend with Hashem really are.
Jerusalem is then referred to as a river of tranquillity amid the raging turbulence which will engulf the entire world.
It truly is amazing that for thousands of years, Jews have longed and prayed for Jerusalem, and still today, we hardly go a week without Israel making news headlines across the world.
Hashem is clearly waiting for us to be on the level where we are ready for Mashiach to come, and perhaps over the upcoming Chag, we will finally ascend to the required level and all be off to celebrate in Israel.
Wishing you all a Chag Sameach!