Tehillim 149


This psalm is full of lofty praise for Hashem. The penultimate psalm of Tehillim has been made into an ever popular Avram Fried song. ‘Yismach Yisrael beotav, bnei Tzion yagoilo vmalcolm – Let Israel rejoice in it’s Maker, let the children of Tzion rejoice in their King.’ According to the Soforno, even though all the nations of the world were made by G-d, Israel is His Chosen People, and therefore merits the right to say we were chiefly made by Him.

We praise Hashem with dancing, drums and with the harp we make music to Him. In the Temple of old, music was commonplace, unlike today when most people prefer davening to be over as quickly as possible. Speed is more important these days to the masses then joyously singing to Hashem, even if people linger afterwards in the Kiddush…

The righteous sing joyously in their beds, when they recite Kriat Shema each night before retiring, safe and secure in the knowledge that G-d will protect from all harm.

‘The lofty praises of Hashem are in their throats.’ This pasuk reminds us of the famous quote from our ancestor Yitzchak when Yaakov came in to trick him into receiving the blessings. ‘Hakol, kol Yaakov, vhayadayim yedei Eisav – The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Eisav.’ By using of our throats to sing and daven to Hashem, we can overcome the bloodthirsty murderers descending from Eisav who have been killing us for millennia. May this dream be realised in true and stunning fashion with the coming of Mashiach, speedily in our days, Amen.