In this week’s Psalm, King David reflects on a world where degraded people deny Hashem exists and therefore, they persecute Israel, thinking that they will be victorious due to the countless sins they commit. They wrongly assume that even if there are some good people amongst the Jews, their virtuous acts are out of habit and cannot therefore be classified as a new good deed.

However, Israel do indeed have merits. Frighteningly for Israel’s enemies, the Psalmist describes how G-D looks down from heaven and gazes upon the Jews, to thoroughly examine their ways, and see if there are people who search for him.

He then turns to our enemies and sees how the world had gone astray. How are so many people allowing such terrible atrocities against Israel to be committed by so many world leaders, including the UN, and yet most people don’t protest. Do they not realizes that there will come a time, either in this world or the next, when Hashem will well and truly meet out strict justice to all the perpetrations of terrible crimes?

G-D dwells with the righteous, and will ultimately protect them. In the world of terror that we live in, where we sadly are seeing terrorist attacks every few days, both in our country and abroad, we can take much comfort from the words of King David, written thousands of years ago. We have had many enemies down the years, but we have seen them all off one by one. May we come to see off this current enemy once and for all, and then as the Psalm concludes, we will truly see how ‘Jacob will exult and Israel will rejoice.’

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