This week’s Tehillim is in memory of Esther bat Yaacov Moshe

In this week’s psalm, we open with the line that has been used by the Jewish people many, many times: “Shamreini Kel ki chasiti vach” – Protect Me O G-d for I have sought refuge in You.”

King David praises G-d by saying that He is the ultimate power and that every single creation on this earth exists due to His compassion and kindness.

Nowadays, one may wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and think nothing of it, yet G-d has given one the unbelievable, special chance to live and perform His holy commandments. Although it is up to each individual to decide whether one can live out a life devoted to G-d, one must realise G-d is always “Mimini” – at one’s right hand.

If one follows the way of G-d and listens to His word, one will see that in any small, insignificant action one may do throughout the day, G-d is always there. King David says “Tovati bal Alecha” – Your benefit to me is not Your obligation. King David proclaims that he has no claim, and neither do we, to the benefit that G-d bestows upon His people, for we are really undeserving (Rashi).

With a number of distractions coming towards one’s way and the increasing amount of anti-Semitism nowadays, especially in modern times, it is extremely necessary for us to teach our children the ways of the Torah, how to keep safe in times of distress, and to carry on the observance and longevity that Judaism strives on.

Only by being humble, we will have the clarity of vision to realise the greatness of Hashem in even the most mundane of matters.

We say this Psalm at shiva houses, when no Tachnun is recited. Whilst this is not as raw as Psalm 49, the one we usually say at a Shiva, which mentions in great details the pain of death to the soul, King David was more gentle here, describing our duty to recognise Hashem more as an overview, wich is more appropriate for happier times.

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