This week’s Tehillim is in memory of Hayeled Yaakov Moshe ben HaRav Avraham

I have to say what a pleasure it is to write this 18th edition of our Tehillim series, as 18 or ‘chai’ represents life. I hope The Jewish Weekly has truly breathed new life into your Shabbat experience the past 18 weeks!
This Psalm is the longest we have had so far, with 51 verses in total. In King David’s old age, when all his strength had left him, he could look back on a lifetime of terrible trials and tribulations, and sing yet another song to praise Hashem and thank him for saving him on so many occasions from various enemies, including of course King Saul.
He calls Hashem ‘his strength, his rock, his fortress, his rescuer and shield.’ He describes G-d as the ‘horn of his salvation,’ where strength is once again clearly defined by the horn.
In a world where it is harder than ever to constantly believe that Hashem will help us and guide us every single step of the way, it is immensely refreshing and indeed highly rewarding to step out of the modern high tech world and retreat back into the days of old through the comfort of Tehillim, the book that has long sat side by side with people who need it for so many reasons. We see a simple faith, permeated only by a desire to follow in the footsteps of G-d, without being blinded by technology.
King David reminds us of the peril of the grave, and uses allegory to paint a beautiful picture of the astonishing defeat of so many powerful armies and generals. Geological phenomena such as the ‘roar of the earth,’ and mountains that shook the very ‘foundations of the earth,’ describe the power and might of Hashem.
Perhaps, one lesson we should take from here is that even under great duress during one’s life, and as a nation, we should always remain strong in the knowledge that as we say in the last verse of this Psalm, and in benching, that Hashem does great ‘kindness to his anointed one and to David and his offspring forever.’
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