Computer technician installing RAM memory into motherboard.

An indispensible component of twenty-first century life, computers serve multiple purposes, ranging from production and presentation of edited material to storing and sharing the same. Whether in domestic or commercial settings, it is difficult to imagine a fully functional enterprise that does not benefit from a PC.

Their usefulness is dependent on a large number of factors though and the smooth running of a computer-based system is best left in the hands of computer experts. The expertise of the technician is most appreciated when it comes without delay, a feat not always possible for large companies. To this end, Zevi Silber set up his own company “IT Doctor” a short one year ago in order to offer a response service that would be effective and quick.

Zevi offers IT support to offices, often with multiple computers working on a local network, covering the range of services they may require. “Hardware or software, we provide it all,” he explains. What are the challenges of maintaining an office network? “Hardware theft or loss:
This type of breach can occur if an employee accidentally loses or someone steals a computer or other device that contains sensitive network information.

Viruses, worms, trojan horses: Viruses, worms and trojan horses are malicious programs that have been created to steal information or destroy a network.

Hacker attacks: Hacker attacks occur when an individual or group of individuals hacks into a computer network to steal information or damage a system.

Phishing: This type of attack is when someone tries to get sensitive information by tricking an individual or group into revealing it.

Among the expert solutions Zevi advises are, for offices, the protection is more foolproof – “we install firewalls as protection and Cloud backup and Windows server
for a regular home PC, the installation of up-to-date anti-virus software.

Back to office support, Zevi installs whichever system the client desires. Windows 10, Microsoft Office and any other software that he needed for his business.

Another service to secure computer data is back-up. While some customers prefer the time-honoured method of external back up on a hard-drive, with the cloud generation this is no longer a necessity. There are a good few options. These include Google Drive, One Drive and the likes of Dropbox, all of which are secure and enduring methods of retaining data. It is in instances when data is either intentionally or otherwise removed, that the expertise is required to recover that data.

In addition to his aim to respond to all callers within a day, Zevi offers over-the telephone support too. This proves very effective as with remote access granted, the customer finds relief in a very short amount of time.

Networking means more than simply connecting computer users to one another. With more and more of today’s technological devices supporting multiple users, an effective system to allow a group use of a printer or scanner is a requirement of every commercial set up. This is another service his company offers.

The price for his on-site support is a very reasonable £50 per hour, a worthwhile investment for anybody serious about running a productive computer-dependant enterprise or seeking a solution for home PC issues. Alternatively, as various companies have wisely chosen, there is an option of contract-based support, with full service offered offered on an ongoing business.

With the constant advances and upgrades in modern computers, clients are assured of receiving the best possible options for whatever their needs, through the reliable expertise of IT Doctor.

The IT Doctor can be contacted on:

Zevi Silber
0208 203 5400
0787 356 4565