This Tehillim is in memory of Jean Claude Nissim ben Rose Rzala

Psalm 45 is a beautiful song of praise, which eloquently describes the splendour and sovereignty of King Mashiach.
King David tells us how his heart is ‘excited,’ and compares his tongue to the pen of a ‘skilful scribe.’
King David was a prophet of Hashem and could see into the future, as clearly as if it were yesterday. Our psalmist proudly waxes lyrical about the brilliance of the Mashiach, by saying, ‘You are more handsome than other men, charm is poured upon your lips, therefore G-d has blessed you for eternity.’ The Meiri explains this to mean that his dynasty will last forever.
However, because as the Radak explains, before the new era of peace is ushered into the world, there will first be the terrible war of Gog and Magog, King David now urges Mashiach to ‘gird your sword upon your thigh,’ as he takes on the wicked nations of the world, and wicked Jews too.
Mashiach will wage war to prove truth humility and righteousness to the world, not to pursue any personal glory. His right hand will then guide him to display his ‘awesome deeds’ to the entire world in a stunning display of greatness, clothed in humility.
The next verse of this intriguing Tehillim evokes many commentaries to offer explanations and we will highlight a couple of them. The verse states as follows. ‘Your arrows are sharp, nations beneath you will fall, the arrows sink in the heart of the foes of the King.’
According to the Sforno, the profoundly truthful arguments of Torah scholars, will penetrate into many people’s hearts and force them to admit the truth of Hashem. The Radak however, explains it literally, that Hashem’s foes will die as the light of truth that is revealed in the world will be simply too strong for them.
The Gemarah in Avoda Zara (3B) explains that when Mashiach comes, the outer shell of people’s exterior will be ripped off and their true inner self will be revealed.
People quite often can pretend to be righteous. Many people look extremely religious, yet their inside is quite different. Sometimes, we can see just with the power of speech and actions just how evil people actually are.
As we approach Pesach and the time of the redemption from Egypt, may we all merit to see the redemption from this exile, and for the true inner goodness of the world and Hashem be entirely revealed at long last- Amen.

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