When King David was forced to flee from his father in law King Saul, he hid with Achimelech the Kohen. Doeg, his once friend and general who had turned against him, reported Achimelech to Saul and this resulted in the terrible massacre of 85 of his fellow Kohanim too, together with the entire city of Nob.

Our righteous King laments the fact that Doeg used to be a mighty warrior in Torah, and was an absolutely outstanding scholar according to Rashi. But he had a sharp deceptive razor like tongue which caused havoc and destruction. David knew that G-d would eventually punish him for his wicked act of treachery and betrayal, and he bemoans the fact that Doeg didn’t employ his talents in Torah for good instead of evil.

As we approach the end of the Omer period and the festival of Shavuos, we can see the importance of attaching ourselves to true Torah Judaism, not just learning it for the sake of a Rabbinical degree or financial gains. If Torah is not learnt properly Lshem Shamayim-for the sake of Heaven, then it will only fizzle out and the true agenda of the persons will eventually burst forth.

As we see sadly even some Jews lambasting the right of Israel to defend themselves, we see how only a true Torah lifestyle can embed a person with the proper foundations to be ready to greet Mashiach, Amen.

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